Illegitimi non carborundum.

What's that look for? Have a seat.

You can call me Ampere.

I'm not one for introductions. How about we don't and say we did.

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She’s so cute. You know you love it. Look at her. Look at how stupidly she walks.

She’s slobbering on my spare arm.

My roommate don’t treat me right, don’t kiss me sweet goodnight.

I will fucking SKIN YOU ALIVE

A lot of people did deeds in the name of the Butcher. Seems to me that it’s only fair that the title gets passed on.

You are a huge asshole.

How do you know I’m not?

I like to think he was fond enough of me to tell me if he’d suddenly risen from the goddamned dead.

…Is this guy a faker?

Seems like it to me. I’m not buying this.

Unless you’re actually the Butcher you can fuck right off and go shove your fist up your own ass, I’m not having this shit.

You’re STILL watching that? Get out of bed, woman. I’ve gone out more than you have in months and I just moved here.

Hey now. Hey. There’s no need to be upset. Please bring me a cappuccino.

You know what’s terrible? Every single Transformers movie.

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back at home the broadcast warning bounces off of an empty table
jenny asks the astronauts to sleep with her behind the stable 
christmas hasn’t been the same since dad put in the central heating 
checks you before bedtime with a battery to keep your new heart beating